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FAU Invention for Privacy of Sharing Files Online Gets U.S. Patent

FAU Invention for Privacy of Sharing Files Online Gets U.S. Patent

Senders who share documents online have little to no control over who views the information that is being sent and where it is being viewed. This is especially problematic for sharing pictures online or when organizations share confidential documents with employees and others. [...]

COVID-19 Clinical Trials

Novel Method Predicts if COVID-19 Clinical Trials will Fail or Succeed

In order to win the battle against COVID-19, studies to develop vaccines, drugs, devices and re-purposed drugs are urgently needed. Randomized clinical trials are used to provide evidence of safety and efficacy as well as to better understand this novel and evolving virus. [...]

Liquid Metal Sensors

Liquid Metal Sensors and AI Could Help Prosthetic Hands to 'Feel'

Each fingertip has more than 3,000 touch receptors, which largely respond to pressure. Humans rely heavily on sensation in their fingertips when manipulating an object. The lack of this sensation presents a unique challenge for individuals with upper limb amputations. While there are several high-tech, dexterous prosthetics available today – they all lack the sensation of “touch.” The absence of this sensory feedback results in objects inadvertently being dropped or crushed by a prosthetic hand. [...]

FAU and Technion

FAU and Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Team Up on NSF Grant

An interdisciplinary international collaboration between Florida Atlantic University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science and Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), will help to advance the understanding of the dynamics of turbulent coherent motions to solve various practical engineering problems. Turbulent flows have a significant influence on the efficient operation of ships, automobiles, and aircraft, as well as on the safe design of buildings, bridges and wind turbines. [...]