The Bidtellect Laboratory is an incubator to support big data analytics and digital advertising research, as well as serve as an educational platform.

Students will learn the fundamentals of real-time-bidding and be exposed to billions of programmatic transactions on a daily basis. They will learn and apply big-data technologies such as Hadoop, Kafka and Spark to build predictive models on large data sets and optimize results via real-time data streams.

Bidding strategies and algorithms will be developed and tested that must support a sub 20ms execution. This will further challenge researchers and students to design new data mining and machine learning techniques.

Bidtellect has committed to not only provide guidance and access to data, but will also help deploy algorithms on their exchange. This will be particularly gratifying to students as they will have almost immediate validation of algorithm performance on a large scale, commercial platform.

About Bidtellect

Launched in 2013 by a group of the digital media industry’s most successful ad tech pioneers, Bidtellect is the global leader in Native Advertising technologies and solutions. The Bidtellect platform – built from the ground up to accommodate the unique challenges associated with delivery of targeted Native ads across all devices and in all formats - offers advertisers, agencies and media companies a unique and powerful toolset. Bidtellect’s proprietary state of the art technology – the most advanced in the industry today – allows native ad planning, buying, selling and overall management on a single platform. By utilizing Bidtellect’s Native DSP (nDSP), Native SSP (nSSP) and openRTB 2.3 Native Exchange, advertisers and publishers can now implement effective Native campaigns at scale with maximum optimization and ROI.