Graduate Course

CAP 6807: Computational Advertising and Real-Time Data Analytics

Course Description: This course teaches students basic concepts of computational advertising, with a focus on real-time bidding for displaying advertisement. The class will introduce different key aspects of building platforms for online advertising, the computational requirement, tools, and solutions. The class will cover three major topics including (1) basic statistical machine learning and data analytics skills, (2) Display advertising platforms, tools, and domain knowledge; and (3) Real-time bidding challenges and algorithms. The lectures will include a term project dedicated to the implementation of computational solutions to solve a real-time bidding task, using selected programming language and tools.

Course Topics:

  • Computational Advertising Platforms and Marketplace
  • Displaying Advertisement and Sponsored Search
  • Demanding Site Platforms, Supply Side Platforms, Exchange
  • Native Advertisement
  • Statistical Machine Learning Algorithms: Part I: Theorems
  • Statistical Machine Learning Algorithms: Part II: Applications
  • Statistical Machine Learning Algorithms: Part III: Tools
  • Real-time Bidding Algorithms: Click Through Rate Prediction
  • Real-time Bidding Algorithms: Click Fraud Detection
  • Real-time Bidding Algorithms: Bidding Curve Adjustment
  • Real-time Bidding Algorithms: Customer Profiling and Retargeting
  • Hands-on Term Project

Course Terms & Semesters Offered:

  • 2016 Fall
  • 2017 Fall