Dr. Kaisar

Evangelos I. Kaisar, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering

Dear colleagues, sponsors, students, and friends
It is my honor and utmost pleasure to present you the website for our Freight Mobility Research Institute, a Tier 1 University Transportation Center housed in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering within FAU’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. Our institution was one of only 20 institutions selected for funding from the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) in 2016.
FMRI consists of a collaboration of faculty, researchers and students, coming from Florida Atlantic University (lead), Hampton University, Portland State University, Texas A&M University (College Station), University of Florida, University of Memphis, and University of Minnesota (Minneapolis). Our highly skilled group of individuals have the expertise and experience required in order to address the most critical issues affecting the planning, design, operation, and safety of the nation’s intermodal freight transportation systems. Our research’s goal is to improve freight mobility through information technology, freight network modeling and operations, intermodal logistics, as well as freight and supply chain sustainability. The collaborative research conducted helps us promote smart cities, improve multimodal connections, system integration and security, data modeling, and analytical tools to optimize freight movements that improve efficiency. The institute also will have a significant educational impact through integrated education and outreach components.
Our mission for the next years is to help strengthen the nation’s economic competitiveness by embracing innovative research projects in order to create efficient and safe freight systems, train current and future transportation leaders and workforce, and to engage with industry to enhance collaboration between agencies.