Wed, 11/08/2017- 12:00pm

Lecture Presentation on: Improve the Level of Service of Free-Floating Bike Sharing 

Bike sharing

By: Yu Zhang, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of South Florida (USF) 

Dr. Zhang

Abstract: Bike Sharing is a sustainable mode of urban mobility, not only for regular commuters but also for casual users and tourists. Free-floating bike sharing (FFBS) is an innovative bike-sharing model, which saves on start-up cost, prevents bike theft with built-in GPS, and allows users to reserve bikes via smart phone APP. Nevertheless, the flexibility of FFBS also brings challenges to its operational management. At USF, we launched Share-A-Bull FFBS in 2015 and our research team has since worked closely with service provider to tackle the challenging problems. We study historical biking trajectory data of FFBS users for understanding their mobility patterns and the correlations with environment variables and the interactions of those variables. The outcomes provide insights on system design and operations, e.g. hub regions of bike sharing program, time for conducting static or dynamic rebalancing, and time available for different types of rebalancing, etc. We also propose a MILP and heuristic solution algorithm to solve bike rebalancing for FFBS. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm outperforms existing methods. A smart phone app is developed for practical usage of the research results in daily operations as well. 
About Dr. Yu Zhang: Dr. Zhang’s main research areas are: Transportation system modeling, analysis, and simulation; Resilient system design and operations; Air transportation; Multimodal transportation planning and sustainable transportation.  Dr. Zhang applies mathematical programming and optimization techniques, simulation, econometric and statistical tools to solve the problems for resilient, efficient, and sustainable transportation systems. Dr. Zhang is the recipient of the 2010 Fred Burggraf Award, for excellence in transportation research by researchers 35 years of age or younger, presented by TRB of the National Academies of Science. She has published about 30 papers in top transportation journals such as Transportation Research Part B, Part C, Part D, and Part E. Dr. Zhang serves as the standing committee chair of Transportation Research Board (TRB) AV060 and the President of Chinese Overseas Transportation Association (COTA). Dr. Zhang holds Ph.D. and M.S. from the University of California Berkeley in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Bachelors from Southeast University of China in Transportation Engineering.