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TRB 2021 - FMRI Workshop

FMRI Workshop at the 100th TRB Annual Meeting

January 22, 2021, 10 AM (EST)
Virtual TRB 2021, Washington, DC

FMRI's director Dr. Evangelos Kaisar and Mr. Charles Edwards, from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, will preside a workshop at the Transportation Research Board 100th Annual Meeting. Titled "Freight Planning & Operational Logistics for the 'New Normal'", this workshop will provide a multidimensional discussion and analysis on the effectiveness and adaptiveness of the sector in the current circumstances. The workshop will discern the most pressing needs for freight transportation and logistics research and pilot investigation concerning the structure and operations of international and domestic supply chains. Topics include freight traveler information systems, virtual TMCs, truck parking systems, and digital logistics corridors. Find more information about this event in the workshop flyer below.

Workshop Flyer

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