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FMRI Educational Project - Advancing STEM and Transportation in High Schools

FMRI Introduces Transportation to High School Teachers and Students

October 10, 2020, Boca Raton, FL

The FMRI in partnership with the FAU College of Engineering and Computer Science is directly addressing the national need to increase the number of STEM undergraduates by escalating this interest in high school students. By applying real-life problems to be solved, our team is assigning projects related to recent transportation trends. Collaborative and engaging projects are presented to the schools in order for them to take on the challenge. Some of these real-life based projects include: designing a prototype car with vehicular sensors, designing transportation networks to increase efficiency during natural disasters, and designing a simple deliver automated vehicle, and so on. A total of 50 students from 6 different high school student groups from different parts of Florida will be involved in this program. One postdoctoral researcher and two graduate students from the FMRI will assist and support the teachers to develop these projects. The collaborative projects are truly an innovative instructional model to improve student achievement and create interest in STEM careers beginning in high school. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with FAU’s College of Engineering and Computer Science to build a strong STEM initiative at the high schools.

FMRI Intro Video

October 7, 2020, Boca Raton, FL

The Freight Mobility Research Institute (FMRI) is housed in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering within FAU’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. Our group consists of a consortium of experts from universities across the nation with expertise in freight transportation, network modeling, sustainability, and intelligent transportation systems. The Institute's prepared an intro video to showcase highlights and our main mission.

FMRI Intro Video

FMRI Webinar Series - YouTube Channel

August 10, 2020, Boca Raton, FL

The Freight Mobility Research Institute has been hosting webinars on a regular basis, either in partnership with the ITE Student Chapter or WTS Student Chapter. Past and future webinars can be found in the FMRI events page. Our goal is to bring together experts from academia and the industry to give talks that are idea-focused on transportation, freight logistics, the mobility of goods, and other related areas. The research center is engaged in demonstrating and showcasing important topics for a live audience. We recently opened an FMRI YouTube Channel for past webinar recordings and other videos related to the center's activities in the future.

FMRI YouTube Channel

FMRI Offering Postdoctoral Position in Transportation Engineering

August 1, 2020, Boca Raton, FL

The FMRI at FAU is currently seeking one post-doctoral researcher to join our team. Selected candidates will be working primarily in the fields of Network Modeling, Freight Operations, Intermodal Transportation Systems, and Logistics and Supply Chain. The position is expected to start Fall 2020 with an initial appointment period of one year with high possibility of extension to a second year and years going forward based on performance and funding availability. Find below other the information such as responsibilities, minimum qualifications, and experience required.

FMRI Postdoc position
Center for Transportation Innovation, Education and Research - University of Memphis

University of Memphis Creates Center for Transportation Innovation, Education and Research (C-TIER)

July 16, 2020, Memphis, TN

The University of Memphis has created the Center for Transportation Innovation, Education and Research (C-TIER). The objective is to address critical issues affecting the planning, design, operation, safety and equity of the nation's multimodal transportation system and to increase its economic competitiveness and reduce economic, racial and gender inequality. C-TIER will focus on research and development that improves mobility, accessibility, and safety through information technology, network, operations and land-use modeling, and simulation. It will also focus on transportation sustainability that will promote smart, equitable cities, improve multimodal connections, system integration and security, data modeling and analytical tools to optimize passenger and freight movements and improve efficiency. Read more about this center in the UofM news release below.

UofM Media Room - C-TIER

Taraneh Ardalan awarded FAU's 3 Minute Thesis Competition

May 15, 2020, Boca Raton, FL

FMRI graduate researcher Taraneh Ardalan received two awards in the 4th-Annual Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition in FAU. She won the first place within the College of Engineering and Computer Science in the Preliminary Round. Winners from each heat advance to the Championship, on which she got the third place in the entire FAU. Scholarship prizes are awarded to both preliminary round and championship winners. FAU's 3MT® Championship Award is generously sponsored through the Dr. Eric H. Shaw 3MT® Championship Award Endowment Fund. Find below the link to her 3MT video.

Taraneh Ardalan 3MT® Video
Travis Glick

Student paper award in the Elmaghraby PhD Student Competition

April 24, 2020, Austin, TX

The winner of the Elmaghraby PhD Student Competition during the ILS 2020 was Travis Glick, with the paper “A Case Study of the reliability of Time Sensitive Drone Deliveries". Travis was born and raised in Chico, California. During high school, he worked for his county government in the prevention unit, planning and leading after-school programs and regional conferences for at-risk youth. Following high school graduation in 2010, he moved to Portland, OR to attend the Portland State University Honors College. As a master's student, he developed multiple methodologies to quantify and visualize transit operations. Travis is now pursuing a PhD focused on transportation modeling utilizing high-resolution data with applications in transit and drone modeling. So far, his ongoing research has led to seven peer-reviewed publications.


FMRI Director in the Autonomous Vehicle Demonstration

March 11, 2020, Fort Lauderdale, FL

FMRI Director Dr. Evangelos Kaisar attended the Autonomous Vehicle Demonstration by TrafficCast International Inc. Mr. Paul Misticawi, presented and demonstrated the connected vehicle showcase, timing, signal priority, the BlueTOAD Spectra, and TravelSmart Mobile App. The meeting with other experts in the area happened in the Florida Department of Transportation Broward Operation Center. Along with Dr. Kaisar, participated to the demonstration Mr. Scott Ornitz, PBCT Signal Timing Engineer, and Mr. Paul Misticawi, TrafficCast, Vice President at the BlueTOAD Spectra station.

Mihalis Golias

FMRI Professor Presents in Tran-SET Webinar

March 4, 2020

FMRI Professor Dr. Mihalis Golias presented in the Tran-SET webinar about innovative techniques to optimize, enhance, and facilitate freight movement. In this presentation, titled "Methods and Tools for freight flow disaggregation", Dr. Golias discussed preliminary results from a TNDOT funded project. The objective is to develop a geodatabase with all the relevant freight data and a methodology to estimate disaggregate freight flows to support transportation planning in the state of Tennessee. Please find more information in the links below.

Flyer Recorded Webinar
Taraneh Ardalan

FMRI Graduate Students Awarded Best Poster

February 17, 2020, Boca Raton, FL

FMRI's graduate assistant Taraneh Ardalan was awarded the Best Poster at the 2nd annual Academic Excellence Awards. Held by The FAU College of Engineering and Computer Science, this event aims at recognizing exceptional graduate students and their impressive research projects and academic accomplishments. A highlight of the event was the poster presentation. Students explained their research on innovative topics ranging from cellphone based sickle cell disease detection to conflict-free evacuation route planning. Ms. Ardalan presented her research on "Truck Tonnage Estimation Using Weight-In-Motion (WIM) Data in Florida".

Aline Machado

FMRI Graduate Student Awarded Research Assistant of the Year - Honorable Mention

February 17, 2020, Boca Raton, FL

FMRI's graduate assistant Aline Machado was awarded the Research Assistant of the Year - Honorable Mention at the FAU's 2nd annual Academic Excellence Awards. This event recognizes exceptional graduate students and their impressive research projects and academic accomplishments. In the event, awards were given for best poster, best research assistant, best teaching assistant, best journal publication, graduate leadership, and outstanding QE. Faculty members and staff were recognized for their contributions to the College, and a community volunteer impact award was given as well.

FMRI Co-hosts Workshop in the 99th TRB Annual Meeting

January 12, 2020, Washington, DC

FMRI's director of FMRI is presiding a workshop on the 99th TRB Annual Meeting, along with Charles H.W. Edwards, North Carolina Department of Transportation. The workshop will identify innovative strategies to facilitate "last 50 feet" delivery challenges and evaluate operational changes or technology applications which support the timely flow of freight.

Workshop Agenda

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