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Dr. Evangelos Kaisar at National Mobility Summit

April, 11, 2019, Washington, DC

Dr. Evangelos Kaisar, Director of FMRI, participated as a speaker at the Second Annual National Mobility Summit of the USDOT University Transportation Centers. Industry, community, workforce, government, academia, and Directors from University Transportation Centers around the nation came together to discuss real-world transportation challenges, technological innovations, policy approaches, successful deployments, workforce training needs, and lessons learned. Dr. Kaisar spoke of FMRI activities and presented one of many center projects, "Modeling Adoption of Autonomous Vehicles by Freight Organizations." Dr. Wei Fan of the Center for Advanced Multimodal Mobility Solutions and Education from University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Dr. Evangelos Kaisar are pictured here.

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Dr. Evangelos Kaisar at Innovations in Freight Data Workshop

April, 9 - 10, 2019, Irvine, CA

Dr. Evangelos Kaisar, Director of FMRI, attended the Innovations in Freight Data Workshop organized by the Transportation Research Board. During the workshop, he participated in the Standing Committee on Freight Transportation Data and AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials). This workshop aimed to bring together the community of freight data users to share, discuss, and learn about the latest applications of emerging data sources and data fusion methods, freight data tools, and transferable methods of data collection, analysis, and visualization to meet planning and performance measurement and requirements.

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Dr. John Hourdos, University Consortium Partner, visited Florida Atlantic University

April, 3, 2019, Florida Atlantic University, FL

Dr. John Hourdos, Director of the Minnesota Traffic Observatory and Research Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota, visited FAU to present his research during the FMRI ITE Student Chapter Lecture Series on "Talking, Robot, or Talking Robot Cars?" Dr. Hourdos is the Associate Director of Research under the FMRI. During his visit, Dr. Evangelos Kaisar and Dr. John Hourdos discussed research proposal initiatives for the third year, guidelines for the consortium, and future meetings with the advisory board and consortium.



Supply Chain Sustainability and Transportation Resilience Workshop

March, 29, 2019, Dania Beach, FL

The FMRI, with the assistance of Dr. Manhar Dhanak of FAU, held a Supply Chain Sustainability and Transportation Resilience Workshop on Friday, March 29th at the SeaTech, Florida Atlantic University in Dania Beach. This event brought together academia, government, and industry to discuss local research-based sustainability and resiliency in the South Florida region. The agenda gave attendees a chance to learn about updated local government activities and research information in panel sessions, presentations, and working group discussions. 



Smart and Connected Initiative Workshop

March, 27, 2019, Riviera Beach, FL

Dr. Evangelos Kaisar, Director, attended the Smart and Connected Initiative Workshop on Wednesday, March 27th at the Riviera Beach Marina Village Event Center. This event covered economic development, workforce development and education, and access to opportunity under the Palm Beach North Strategic Planning.



Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certificate Program

Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL

The Department of Information Technology and Operations Management (ITOM) in the College of Business and the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering (CEGE) in the College of Engineering and Computer Science is offering a new certificate program regarding Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management. This 12-credit certificate permits graduate students to expand their knowledge on technical skills of transportation engineering and the analytical business decisions-making skills of supply chain management. More information regarding this certificate may be found here:



FMRI at the Florida Supply Chain Summit

February 6-7, 2019, Orlando, FL

The FMRI helped sponsor the Florida Supply Chain Summit in Orlando, FL on February 6-7. This event brought businesses and universities together to discuss the needs of innovation and personnel in supply chain efforts for Florida industries. Amazon, C.H. Robinson, Florida East Coast Railway, Port Everglades, Port of Miami, Port of Tampa Bay, Enterprise Florida, and Florida Makes were among the few players that were present.



FMRI Advisory Board Meeting at the TRB Annual Meeting

January 14, 2019, Washington, DC

The FMRI hosted the Advisory Board Meeting at the Marriott Marquis, Union Station Meeting Room, on Monday, January 14th during the TRB Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. The meeting discussed updates on first- and second- year research and education projects, updates on reporting criteria and report guidelines, and updates on future research and education initiatives under the center. Amy Stearns, USDOT Grant Manager, attended the meeting as a special guest. 



FMRI Partner Presents at TRB Workshop, Recognized Achievements

January 14, 2019, Washington, DC

Dr. Miguel Figliozzi of Portland State University, FMRI partner, has been recognized for his presentation, "A Study of Autonomous Delivery Robots and Their Potential Impacts on Freight Efficiency and Travel" at the TRB 98th Annual Meeting Workshop 1135, "Automation, Crowdsourcing, and Home Deliveries" on Monday, January 14th. Dr. Figliozzi's presentation has shed some light on last-mile issues and introduced SADRs - sidewalk autonomous delivery robots - to help combat heavier items that can't be transported by drones. Transportation Topics News reports.



The FMRI's Networking Reception at Cuba Libre

January 13, 2019, Washington, DC

Dr. Evangelos I. Kaisar and team of students and staff, hosted the Freight Mobility Research Institute's Reception at Cuba Libre the evening of Sunday, January 13, 2019. Despite the snowfall, the reception received a high-than-expected turnout. Those in attendance included Florida Atlantic University faculty, researchers from multiple universities and disciplines, and transportation students. This event gave the opportunity to discuss future research endeavors and collaborate with those who have expertise in different fields of transportation engineering to further develop synergistic projects for the betterment of freight mobility.



The FMRI hosted the Smart Initiatives and Intelligent Transportation Systems Applications for Efficient and Sustainable Freight Mobility at TRB Annual Meeting

January 13, 2019, Washington, DC

Dr. Evangelos I. Kaisar, along with Dr. Kuilin Zhang of Michigan Technological University, hosted the TRB 98th Annual Meeting Workshop 1090, "Smart Initiatives and Intelligent Transportation Systems Applications for Efficient and Sustainable Freight Mobility." The workshop explored emerging logistics and supply chain initiatives, methods for last-mile deliveries, multimodal freight mobility, port resiliency and logistics terminals operations. FMRI partner university, University of Memphis with Florida Atlantic University, presented their research, "Modeling Adoption of Autonomous Vehicle Technologies by Freight Organizations." 

This event has produced a successful turnout with many participants attending. This workshop gained positive news coverage in Transportation Topics News in regards to autonomous trucks time-sensitive deliveries. The workshop agenda may be found here.



Anastasios Charisis Receives Student of the Year Award

January 12, 2019, Washington, DC

FMRI's Graduate Research Assistant, Anastasios Charisis, has received the 2018 Student of the Year Award. Mr. Charisis will be receiving a $1,000 scholarship for his accomplishments under the Freight Mobility Research Institute. We are pleased to give this award to Mr. Charisis for his efforts in urban logistics delivery and maritime logistics. Mr Charisis graduated this Fall 2018 at Florida Atlantic University with a Masters of Science in Civil Engineering. Anastasios' focus includes network modeling and mathematical optimization for urban and maritime logistics. He has helped with many projects, including projects involving the Florida Department of Transportation. Three papers have been published under his name, which are "Multiobjective Location-Allocation Model for Urban Logistics Delivery Facilities," "Containership Routing and Scheduling Model with Multiple Time Windows," and "Container Shipping Route and Schedule Design with Port Time Windows and Coordinated Arrivals." The FMRI congratulates Anastasios on his accomplishments and wishes the best for his bright future.

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