Research Projects

2017-2018 Funding Period

Project 1

Modeling the Sustainability of Commercial Vehicle Technologies (Phase 1, UAVs)
Portland State University


Project 2

Eco-Driving Study on Trucks along a Signalized Arterial with Significant Freight Traffic
Texas A&M University (College Station)


Project 3

Enhancement of Transportation Network Analysis Tools for Truck-related Planning and Operations
University of Florida


Project 4

Identify Potential Causes of Truck Bottlenecks on Freeways and Develop Mitigation Strategies
University of Minnesota (Minneapolis)


Project 5

Game Theory Applications for Seaport Cooperation, Competition, and Co-opetition
University of Memphis


Project 6

Modeling Adoption of Autonomous Vehicle Technologies by Freight Organizations
University of Memphis  and  Florida Atlantic University


Project 7

Truck Parking Study: Unveiling the Parking Space density and Truck Volume Relationship: Phase 1
Texas A&M University (College Station)