City of West Melbourne Raw Water Production Wells

Aquibility Engineering


The City of West Melbourne currently purchases its potable water from the City of Melbourne for distribution to its residents. West Melbourne has decided to develop a new water treatment plant and related infrastructure to produce its own potable water. This requires the production of a test well, and three additional production wells, along with a conveyance system to work in conjunction with the treatment plant. The scope of this project is to design raw water production wells and a conveyance system. The city’s water demand requires 2.5 million gallons per day (MGD) of potable water. The city will be using the four raw water wells in rotation, with only three running at one time as to not overdraw the water from the aquifer and to provide the same amount of water if one of the wellheads requires maintenance. On top of supply of the raw water, that supply needs to be stable even if in the face of natural disasters. One well will be in a Category IV building allowing it to withstand winds of up to 160 MPH and will also have a backup power supply so that the City of West Melbourne never goes a day without water. The benefit to this project is that the residents of West Melbourne can have their own source of water apart from its neighboring city. This is important because West Melbourne has been growing and increasing its demand for water, therefore the city needs to be able to meet that demand without relying on Melbourne.


Team Members

Amir F. Al-Ali Leila M. Belakbir Alessandro M. Bologna

Amir F. Al-Ali 

Leila M. Belakbir 
Alessandro M. Bologna 
 Jacob L. Lolmaugh Meghan C. Viles    
Jacob L. Lolmaugh  
Meghan C. Viles