Autonomous Roadway Debris Cleaner (Street Sweeper)


The goal of our project is to create a web application-controlled rechargeable device that autonomously clears debris quickly and effectively from traffic lanes after automotive accidents and roadway construction projects. The Street Sweeper is different from other tools available because it doesn’t require human supervision in order to operate. Using infrared technology for obstacle detection, the device employs magnets to pick up metallic debris while simultaneously sweeping non-metallic objects. Before cleaning, the operator sets the best path to direct traffic around the debris area. As the Street Sweeper device cleans, lights redirect traffic to prevent vehicles from hitting debris and causing additional accidents and traffic congestion. The Street Sweeper is a timesaving safety tool for highway maintenance and emergency workers by keeping them off active roadways and away from traffic. Additional cleaning applications for the device could be warehouse floors, garages and semi-truck loading zones, and anywhere that debris is dropped and may be a safety hazard or can cause damage to tires. We take pride in improving the way roadways are cleaned by means of technology and innovation, as well as advocating for the safety of highway maintenance workers by keeping them off active roadways and away from vehicles traveling at high speeds.


Team Members

Frantz Prinvil Richard Vo Luis Rouco

Frantz Prinvil 

Richard Vo 
Luis Rouco