Follower Drone


We have all been in situations where it seemed like we just did not have enough hands to complete the job in front of us, especially in the case of people who work or live alone. Knowing there are people who could use the help, our group decided to come up with a solution. We created a semi-autonomous drone capable of following its user around so that it can carry things for them while they are on the move. The drone was built using: a GPS module, Bluetooth module, raspberry pi, LiDAR range finder, four 12-volt motors, two motor drivers, LEDS, four wheels, triple axis compass, and two Turnigy Lipo packs. The drone has a carrying capacity of around 80 lbs., and travels at speeds up to five miles per hour. Its design makes it ideal for those who may need to carry a variety of tools, such as a handyman, or even someone who simply has a lot to carry, such as someone coming home from the grocery store or a college student. We hope that this drone can pave the way to bigger achievements in the future.


Team Members

Benjamin Blakely Davidson Dore Olusola Fatade

Benjamin Blakely

Davidson Dore 
Olusola Fatade
 Victoria Hutchinson Noah Leach    
Victoria Hutchinson  
Noah Leach