The H.I.D.E. System (Home Invasion Deterrent Enforcement)


An estimated 2.5 million home burglaries occur each year in the US. The H.I.D.E system aims to improve residential and commercial security by deploying a suite of advanced defense technologies, including visual, audio, and non-lethal chemical deterrents, as well as providing the homeowner with up-to-date notifications and alerts. The goal of this project is to create a stand-alone system that will deter any would-be invader(s) from entering a home or place of business. Security systems available in today’s market are inadequate in dealing with real-time home invasions and burglaries. The principal flaw in their design is that they do not deter the thieves in a meaningful way. The H.I.D.E system will first sense motion at the point of unlawful entry. The facial recognition will then determine if a person is a possible perpetrator. Once a person has been flagged, the individual(s) will be bombarded with lights, sounds, and finally a blast to the face with a non-lethal chemical irritant. Precautions have been taken to ensure no irritant is deployed inadvertently. The project is expected to safeguard a home’s or business’ points of entry such as a door or window.


Team Members

Paunteh’a Jamkhu Jorge Risco Steven Rosser

Paunteh’a Jamkhu 

Jorge Risco
Steven Rosser
 Brandon Shockley Cynthia Zumaran    
Brandon Shockley
Cynthia Zumaran