West Lake Florida International Soccer Training Facility

Monumental Heights Engineering Consultants


The goal of our project is to design suitable dormitories close to the schools and training fields for students attending a soccer training facility that will be located in the future city of Westlake, Florida. The dormitories will provide housing for 632 international students who will be training and attending middle and high school at the facility. Each of the four dormitories is comprised of three floors with a total of 95,000 square feet per building. The floor plan for each building includes (69) double suites, (6) residential assistant student rooms, (2) residential assistant student suites and (3) residential mentor suites. In addition, each dormitory will include (2) entertainment rooms, (1) laundry room and (2) storage rooms and a mechanical room per floor. The first floor will include a main office, custodial/maintenance office and (7) unisex bathrooms. The shell of the building will consist of load bearing walls and shear walls. The load bearing walls will help support the precast concrete slabs that will be used for the floors and roof of the buildings. Landscaping of the site will consist of high drought resistant trees which will reduce the use of irrigation. The chiller in use for the dorms will use Chlorine-free HFC-134a refrigerant which is environmentally friendly. The refrigerant is cleaner than standard R-12 and has insignificant ozone depletion potential and a lower 100-year global warming potential. The chiller is also low energy consumption during part load and full load operation. In order to reduce high temperatures in the building, a reflective roof coating is applied to reflect sunlight from the surface, thus reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the structure. We also designed a shared parking lot to help increase green space and reduce impervious space and cost. The design will help with infiltration of rain and reduce the need of large retention ponds and reduce the heat islands caused by the parking lots.


Team Members

Raiden Evancheck Stanislav Kouzmine Diego Lopez

Raiden Evancheck 

Stanislav Kouzmine 
Diego Lopez 
 Roberta Neves Steven Stuef    
Roberta Neves 
Steven Stuef