Prosthetic Hand


It takes time to create a design that suits each user when developing an artificial part of the human body. We took on the challenge to design a prosthetic hand that will mimic the movements of an actual hand. Our first goal is to provide dexterity in the use of a hand that can complete harder to accomplish tasks such as threading a needle. Our second goal is for strength and the ability to open a jar. For this, we need enough of a grip strength to be able to grip and turn a jar. For our design, we 3D-printed all our parts on the Ender 3 3D printer using PELG material.  We went through three different designs until we were satisfied with the final rendition of our project.  With the final accomplishment of finger control through a wireless setup, we managed to piece together a working hand that will give our users the function of their limbs back.  They will be able to accomplish tasks that weren’t possible without the prosthetic hand/arm.


Team Members

Ryan Bates Christopher Paredes Devante Rose

Ryan Bates

Christopher Paredes 
Devante Rose 
 Renato Soto Kevin Vigness    
Renato Soto 
Kevin Vigness