Comstock - a Market Data Visualization Tool (MDVT)


Comstock is an immersive virtual-reality application for visualizing stock market data. Designed specifically for the Magic Leap One platform, Comstock allows users to generate images of 3-dimensional graphs and place them in their immediate virtual space; viewable only through the lenses of the Magic Leap headset. By utilizing Magic Leap’s revolutionary concept of spatial computing, Comstock allows users to turn any space into a virtual trading floor. The present version of the application allows the user to generate graphs of a select number of indexes, stocks, and commodities. Such restrictions have allowed us to shift our team’s efforts from focusing largely on user-input and error handling to instead working on emphasizing the capabilities of Magic Leap’s spatial computing technology within Comstock. In developing Comstock we have dedicated time and effort to learn how to best work with the following technologies: the Magic Leap One platform, the target hardware; the Unity graphics engine, for generating the 3-dimensional graphs; and 3rd-party REST APIs, for collecting market information from the Internet.


Team Members

Nikolas Bussey Jorge Peña  

Nikolas Bussey

Jorge Peña